Siti survey is going to provide you a platform where you can see the trend of popular political party, famous issues, Farmer protest, and development Strategies, ongoing problems of constituencies and also you can give your opinion on all these issues after you fill those Questionnaires Form you directly reach On trending party graphs. These are the main feathers of siti survey for a candidate who want to see the actual position of their area/constituency elections, voters graph, data about the trending party, people like or dislike a party, development scales and all will be shown through the graph.


When a candidate come to the site Or wants to see their area trending Party graph. The person has to fill this Form. These details will be kept Confidential.

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City survey show you the popular Political party, Farmer protest, development Strategies, ongoing problems of constituencies and also you can give your opinion on all these issues. As your opinions are matter to us.

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When you fill the questionnaires Form you directly reach on trending Graph. Where you can see your area Constituency graph.

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We provide political research, voting tendencies, and sample polls, graphically, public view through the collection of data at ground level through questionnaire and use of sophisticated statistical tools to extrapolate it to trends. We help the contestant to arrange everything in their ideal premises.

We specialize in the design of questionnaire in every Indian language which will tap into voter psycho, accurate choice of key and swing constituencies, and use of most suitable sampling techniques and development of predictive models. We will provide precise and impartial projections through public opinion polls and polling survey that will facilitate any political candidate and the party.

Our core team comprises of seasoned veterans from various fields – Market research, statistics and news media and others also. They together bring several decades of accumulated expertise about every corner of this vast country that is unrivaled and improves the chances of any political party and its candidates considerably.


(opposition candidates, government schemes, Public opinion, State, city, constituency, ward, village)

We research on opposition, government schemes, candidates, public opinions, state, city, constituency, ward, and village. We research on all opposition parties and government schemes, lack of development in areas. Get public opinions what type of development they want in their area.

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Strategy formulation:

(Video strategy, development Strategy, social media, social campaign, electronic and print media)

Strategy we apply/ use at that time for making the party strong. We use video making strategy, development strategy, electronic and print media, social media strategy, social campaign; make the party strong through social media or social campaign.

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Siti survey implementation on all the strategies that show.

Siti survey implement on all strategy that show on the strategy box. When our company leading election survey we use all these strategies to make the party strong and highlight. Make thoughtful videos of the leader, make them highlight through electronic and print media and run social campaigns for getting party review from public.

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Siti survey is one of the leading election survey agency in India where you can avail the various beneficial aspects of political surveying. After the analysis of raw data, various polling booths of the constituency will be divided into five multiple categories namely, strong, weak, threatened, opportunity and average booths. We let expert surveyors help you win constituencies through research.


Our mission is to deliver hassle-free services to our clients. We provide a widespread, all-inclusive analysis of compiled data to smoothen the process of tabulating records by using a comprehensive management system.